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>> shannon: yemen may be the new front in the fight against al-qaeda. the american and british embassies have just closed their doors because of threats by the terrorist group. preventing a terrorist group getting on board a delta operated jetliner may have been possible with body scanners but not everybody thinks they're necessary or a good idea. we'll ask the aclu whether we're left safe because of privacy concerns. florida man expected of killing family members after thanksgiving dinner is finally behind bars after more than a month on the lam. i'm shannon bream. america's news headquarters live from the nation's capital starts right now. we begin with the closing of the u.s. and british embassies in yemen. this is a result of threats by al-qaeda in that region. officials say al-qaeda and
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others are still plotting against american interests. malini wilkes is joining us now with the latest developments. she has been following them in washington. hi. >> hi. both the u.s. and british closed their embassies in yemen because of the al-qaeda threat. white house counterterror advisor john brennan says he is not going to take chances with the lives of diplomats and he says the yemeni government is providing support. brennan is heading the white house review of the attack on the detroit-bound plane. he told "fox news sunday" u.s. intelligence failed to connect the dots. he says there was no smoking gun, no definitive intelligence that was ignored and no sign that agencies refuse to cooperate with each other. >> in the review so far, there is no indication whatsoever that any agency or department was not trying to share information. there were some lapses, there were some human errors, there were some failures of the system to allow that to happen at the speed of light. >> many republicans are criticizing the obama administration for choosing to handle this case in criminal court rather than
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some type of military commission. >> he should be treated as a prisoner of war. he should be held in a military brig. and in fact, he should be questioned now and should have been ever since he was apprehended for intelligence that could help us stop the next attack or get the people in yemen who directed him to do what he did. >> meantime, british intelligence officials say they knew the bombing suspect had ties to british extremists but didn't think he was enough of a threat to notify the americans. today, the british prime minister announced the u.s. and britain have agreed to back a joint counterterrorism police unit in yemen. shannon? >> shannon: thank you very much. the expanding role of yemen in the war against al-qaeda has been at the forefront of national security discussions since the christmas day failed bombing on a u.s.-bound jetliner. deputy national securitied a visor john brennan and member
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of the intelligence committee kit bond were in the "fox news sunday" hot seat today. it sat down with chris a few minutes ago for a preview. >> chris, was everything unfolding with the u.s. and yemen just a breakneck speed of news coming in, you had a man at the center of it all, great guest, john brennan. what is the latest? >> elwith, and he is. he is the president top advisor in the white house on counterterrorism and homeland security. the late zest the reason we shut down the u.s. embassy in yemen is he says there were specific credible threats that al-qaeda in yemen wanted to attack and planned to attack the embassy. obviously, he said we're not going to take any chances on our diplomats there. he also said that quite frankly any american in yemen is in some danger and they've been warned. and he made it very clear he thinks that al-qaeda in yemen is on the march, a real threat. that they have more people like abdulmutallab that they
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have trained. and that they intend to try to launch new attacks against the u.s. and the west. >> shannon: you got in the issue in the detainees of guantanamo bay and more than 90 with connections to yemen and whether they'll continue to be released. >> it's interesting, because there had been reports early in the week after a result of the christmas day attack that the u.s. was going to stop any plans, halt any plans to transfer detainees from guantanamo to yemen. but we have gotten some reports -- i pressed this with mr. brennan -- no. he said we are going to continue to transfer detainees. we'll do it on a case-by-case basis if we think they're a threat, we won't send them. but it's not a blanket hold on sending yemeni detainees back to yemen. >> with specific incident to abdulmutallab, we talked about the fact he's been charged as criminal, something to go through the u.s. court system versus enemy combatant. did he explain why? >> no. he didn't.
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he just kept saying, brennan did, we thought it was the best decision to make. he talked about "we" and the justice department and not sure whether it was the white house or justice that decided this. he also said -- because one of the questions has been he was obviously cooperating right after the attack was foiled and he was taken into custody. after he got lawyered up he stopped talking, i'm sure what his lawyer advised him to do, and he said we have opportunities for negotiation and seem to be indicating we could make a deal on terms of the sentencing if he were to provide more information. the problem, of course, is if you believe the first part of what brennan said; namely, that there are more attacks possible, that there are more abdulmutallab's out there ready to strike the u.s., you don't have time for a lot of negotiation. you need this information as quickly as possible. >> shannon: someone else critical of the decision was the other guest, senator kit bond. >> he was critical of a number of things. first, he thinks it's crazy to keep sending people back to yemen; particularly, now
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that it's become a radical hotbed for al-qaeda. he thought it was a big mistake to treat abdulmutallab as a criminal defendant. he said treat him as an enemy combatant. we did this -- fdr did it in world war ii. with german saboteurs who landed in this country. it's legal. you can use the president's own interrogation policies. obviously, he's ruled out things like waterboarding, but use that. don't allow him to get miranda rights. don't allow him to get a lawyer. and try to get this actionable intelligence before somebody else from yemen hits us. >> shannon: interesting discussion. and a lot of fun with the panel. they made the 2010 predictions. >> to hear brit hume not only on the economy but entertainment and sports, it's worth watching. >> we'll tune in. thank you, chris. >> you bet. >> shannon: there was a lot of news made on "fox news sunday" today. you can catch the rest of chris wallace's interview with john brennan and kit
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bond on "fox news sunday" after our show. 2:00 and later 6:00 eastern. as the facts unfold showing that one of the alleged masterminds behind the christmas day attack was possibly a former guantanamo bay detainee himself, the questions being tossed around now, should we be in such a hurry to close down gitmo? lawmakers and members of the obama administration now debating that. caroline shively is following that and joins us live in d.c. with more. >> hi to you. here is the background. two gitmo detainees released under the bush administration say their branch of al-qaeda in yemen is behind the bombing attempt. plus the obama administration released six more yemenis from gitmo last week and that prompted chris wallace on "fox news sunday" to ask the president's counterterrorism chief, "are you considering sending more yemenis back to yemen on case-by-case basis?" here is his answer and republican reaction. >> absolutely. we'll look at this and work closely with the yemeni government and make sure the security measures are put in place as we address the security situation on the
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ground. >> if we don't stop the practice of releasing gitmo detainees to yemen or to other countries, and some of them came through yemen, through saudi arabia, we're asking for even more trouble. i think there ought to be immediate halt. >> the second issue is whether we should close guantanamo at all. the obama administration has some going to federal facility in northern illinois. congressmembers are unsure on that. >> we could not find a better more humane facility when it comes to adepositiadetention cen the world. it seems like a waste to take them to illinois. >> i support the administration's action to open a new prison in illinois. i have hope it happens. i hope congress will fund it. we do a good job of keeping prisoners, many convicted terrorists, including the shoe bomber richard reid behind bars in the super max prison in colorado. >> there are 90 yemenis still held in guantanamo.
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half are scheduled to be sent home but with no specific timetable. shannon? >> shannon: thank you very much. after weeks on the run a man accused of shooting and killing four family of his in a thanksgiving dinner is now under arrest. acting on a tip, authorities found paul merhige at a motel in the florida keys. phil keating has been following the story around the clock and joins us live from miami. what can you tell us, phil? >> reporter: well, paul merhige was one of the f.b.i.'s 15 most wanted fugitives but he's finally been found hiding out under a fake name, locking himself in his motel room and basically living off of beans, peanut butter and fig newtons. merhige, of course, is accused in a very horrible thanksgiving evening multiple murder. he is accused of killing four of his relatives after going out to his car to grab a weapon. ever since that night, he was nowhere to be found and his photo was shared with cops around the country. investigators searched for
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merhige as far away as michigan but he was 75 miles south of miami for most of the time. u.s. marshalls in monroe county sheriff deputies stormed number room number 14 at the edge weawater lodge mote between key largo and key west. that's when they apprehended merhige after tasing him. deputies stormed that room. not too long after a story profiling the case was broadcast nationwide on the fox tv show "america's most wanted." the motel owners recognized merhige's photo as the guy who checked in on december 2 under the name john baka. his toyota camry was parked outside concealed under a tarp. the cops smashed out the window and they say after he was tased, they then took him up to palm beach county, basically, without incident. he's currently being held without bond. family members say more than a dozen relatives were all saying their goodbyes on thanksgiving evening around
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the 10:00 hour. that's when they say merhige walked outside, went to his consider and returned to the backdoor. and started shooting. killing his two twin sisters, an aunt, and his 6-year-old cousin. investigators believe this was a very well-planned out attack. they say he withdrew $12,000 leading up to thanksgiving day and purchased four guns. the motive is merhige's mental state. he had an ongoing feud with one of the sisters apparently. shannon? >> shannon: a great tip and a lot of hard work finally tracking him down. phil, thank you for the update. friends and family of missing utah mom of two susan powell are launching a social media campaign to aid in the ceremony for her. they are using social networking site like twitter, facebook and youtube to distribute information and
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photos of powell. she has been missing since december 7. police labelled her husband josh powell as a person of interest. despite freezing temperatures, powell claims he was camping with the couple's young sons around the same time that his wife went missing. well, if for the first time we hear from the players at the center of the investigation of guns being drawn in nba locker room. washington wizard player gilbert arenas called the decision to store guns in the locker room, "bad judgment." arenas and teammate crittonton in ongoing investigation with the u.s. attorney office and d.c. police after reports there was an altercation between the two where guns were drawn. arenas' remark comes after the family of late wizard owner said it was extremely poor judgment that guns were brought to the verizon center. mexican police captured alleged drug lord carlos beltran letas two weeks after his powerful brother was killed in shoot-out with the troops and they describe beltran as key member of the
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gang but it's unclear if he took over as chief of the cartel after his brother died. a third brother was arrested way back in january 2008. a family holiday in mexico turned deadly for a southern california man. sausedo was out to dinner with his wife in her hometown when gunman stormed the restaurant. they kidnapped him and five other men. all six of them were found shot dead on thursday. his wife was not injured. he was an assistant principal and school board member in el monte, california. his brother say they got news of his death in a family celebration. >> my parents were celebrating their anniversary. and that's when i received the call from my sister-in-law. you know, i couldn't bear to tell my dad. >> that's what makes this so extraordinarily tragic. because he was just such a special part of our community. he donated his time, his
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energy, his resources to this community. >> family members say they think he was a victim of a random attack. a strong storm system remains off the coast of new england today bringing dangerously cold temperatures and gusty winds. chief meteorologist rick reichmuth at the fox weather center in the forecast. where i come from, when it's this cold we call it biscuits and gravy. it's cold! >> why do you call it that? >> shannon: because that's our version of salty language. i have don't go much further than biscuits and gravy. >> i like it. that's nice. it's cold. look at the temperatures across the central plains. and northern plains. minus 37 yes in international falls. that is cold! we're not just talking about with the wind factored in. we're talking about actual air temperatures. brutally cold temps out there. cold air move off to the east. a lot of areas around the great lakes dealing with the cold, except to bangor, 36
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degrees. that's so wound up it's affecting the warm air from the north. that doesn't happen often but a strong system there. here is your current temperatures. still minus one in minneapolis. today a little bit warmer than you thought yesterday. that will be the case for a couple of days. then later on the week, much colder air moves back in. and the eastern two-third of the country going to continue to see record-breaking cold. a little snow in across missouri. that will boun amount one or tw inches. but this is the system we've been watching and it will eventually this afternoon pull off to the east and the forth. the winds are going to continue to be here, bringing the wind chills down and the lake effect snow will don't for the next 24 hours. shannon? >> rick, thank you very much. >> you bet. >> shannon: it's been a very tough week for the c.i.a. first, criticism about how the c.i.a. handled information about that suspect in the christmas day terror plot. also this week, homicide bomber killed seven c.i.a. employees at a base in southeastern afghanistan.
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joining us no you is gary bernson, a former c.i.a. officer and also coauthor of "the walk-in." thank you for joining us today, gary. >> nice to talk to you, shannon. >> first of all, tell me, do you think the criticism against the c.i.a. about the information it had in advance has been overblown or is it accurate? >> part of the problem for the information on the nigerian bomber, the nigerian, there are hundreds of leads every week. you deal with so many threats at one time, the average public -- the public would be shocked by the numbers. i can see where something could slip through the cracks. you are running down every lead at every moment. ep if there is a slight delay, it can have deadly consequences. >> shannon: what happens with that information when it comes to someone in the c.i.a.? is it afforded to a clearinghouse or place it can be shared more widely? >> the c.i.a., clandestine
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services in the field, collecting intelligence and sending it back to washington. the national counterterrorism is able to review the information from the beginning. now they may not be able to go through all the operational traffic but they are getting the raw intelligence reports that talk about and outline threats. if someone at ntct said they weren't notified they're following a lot of this stuff. they have to make a decision and they need to reach back to the c.i.a. and say give us more or at least tell us orally over the phone if you don't get a written report. >> shannon: let's talk about the homicide bombing on the base in afghanistan. seven lives lost. many other people injured there as well. we understand the individual who came on the base was invited there. they were trying to build relationship of trust, maybe he would be informnant for them. is it unusual he would be invited on the base? >> the economy and operational element there probably thought it was safer to bring him on the base. because of the dangers you face on the road. you have to understand,
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they're close to the afgha afghan-pak border. the truth is you need to get out. agency offices need be outside their facilities at time operating aggressively. it may seem counterintuitive, but after a bombing like this, you can't go hide behind theal with as. you have -- behind the walls. you have to be aggressive. they're there to save the lives of the public and soldiers and collect intelligence to save themselves. you have to be aggressive and get out. it wasn't unusual they brought someone to the facility but it's unusual no one searched the person. that was a serious, serious oversight and breach of security. >> shannon: gary bernson, thank you for your time and service in the c.i.a. as well. >> thank you very much, shannon. >> shannon: well, how would you feel about going through a body scanning machine at the airport? we're going to ask the aclu why they're so opposed to having these at the u.s. airports. hear their explanation coming up. ugcl)
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>> shannon: here are some of the top stories we're following on the america's news headquarters. u.s. and u.k. embassies in yemen closed in response to fears about al-qaeda threats in the region. yesterday, president obama placed the blame on al-qaeda in yemen for the failed christmas day plane attack. on thursday, the u.s. embassy issued a message to american
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citizens in yemen urging them to remain vigilant against continued threat of attack against americans. a bust with bus with workers pl over a cliff and fell 330 feet before breaking in two. 14 people were killed and 21 others injured. it was on a winding stretch of road between tijuana and mexicali when it crashed. a passenger said it seemed to have trouble with the brakes. 167 people were arrested in a cock fighting raid with roosters north of fort worth, texas. the police had the sight und -- had the site under surveillance for week. salvation army pastor who was killed in front of his three children in robbery in arkansas where he served as a mayor and ran a community
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center. those who knew him said he would be remembered as humble and soft spoken. pastor who dedicated his life to serving others. those are the top stories right now. well, trading privacy for security is a good deal for some. unsemiab unacceptable to others. adam housley has more on growing popularity of the full body scanners at airports designed to prevent terror attacks. >> reporter: to keep people from umar farouk abdulmutallab get past the airport security is major priority for governments around the world. by the end of the january, netherlands plans to use the full body scanners for all passengers headed to the u.s. the practice, which has already begun leaves virtually nothing to the imagination. >> we're not doing anything. it's so invasive. possibly to the point of unconstitutional. >> being confident and having good security would alleviate certain issues of privacy. >> while the use of the high-tech scanners may be helpful in the fight against terror, privacy advocates have concerns. >> i think the question that
12:24 pm
our nation will have to look at is how do we balance our civil liberties and the right to privacy, at the same time secure the airplanes? there is technology out there that is more effective and less invasive. >> the aclu released a statement saying in part, "while it's important to react quickly, it's also important to react wisely and to adopt procedures that will be both truly effective and the least invasive to americans' privacy." at least 19 airports in the u.s. are already using the scanners, and the transportation safety administration says it plans to install another 150 next year. tsa officials say it safeguards privacy by ensuring the full body images are not viz to believe sible to public. >> it doesn't concern me. i don't think too many people are looking. >> nigernigeria, the home count of the christmas day bomber plans to buy the scanners. the european parliament is too looking at the possibility. in los angeles, adam housley, fox news. >> shannon: well, the debate is hitting the national
12:25 pm
security against the right to privacy has been hotter since the failed christmas day bombing. the aclu has been at the forefront of the argument. a top member, top attorney of their team joins us in six minutes to talk about it. still to come here on america's news headquarters -- the family of the missing utah mom is turning to the internet. whether taking their search online. and pope benedict is spreading his words through deeds. coming up, we let you know how he is reaching out in spirit of forgiveness. we're just getting started here in washington. we hope you'll stay with us. anncr vo: with the new geico glovebox app... anncr vo: can get help with a flat tire... anncr vo: ...find a nearby tow truck or gas station... anncr vo: emergency services... anncr vo: ...collect accident information. anncr vo: or just watch some fun videos. anncr vo: it's so easy, a caveman can do it.
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>> shannon: a week-long manhunt for the suspect accused of killing four relatives at a thanksgiving dinner is over. caroline shively is standing by with the top of the news. >> hi, shannon. authorities arrested paul merhige last night at a hotel in the florida keys. police say a tip to "america's most wanted" led to the 35-year-old's capture. merhige is accused of gunning down his twin sisters, aunt and his 6-year-old cousin michaela. her father says the arrest
12:28 pm
won't bring his daughter back. >> not jubilation either, but relief that the monster is in the cage. >> mexican police are captured an alleged mexican drug lord. carlos beltran levya was arrested two weeks after his even more powerful brother was killed in a shoot-out with troops last month. beltran is believed to be a key member of the gang. it's unclear if he took over as chief after his brother died. a third brother was arrested in january of 2008 and a fourth remains at large. >> a snowboard er is in critical condition as he was preparing under olympic qualifying event. the relatives say his condition remains the same. two men are in place custody
12:29 pm
and accused of human trafficking in austin, texas. police say a man claim he and several others were held in an apartment and that he managed to escape by breaking a window. court documents show he and others were smuggled in the u.s. and held without food and water until family members could pay $2,000 random. raid of the apartment led to the arrest of the two men. those are the top stories right now. >> shannon: that strong system remains off the coast of new england bringing snow and wind. meteorologist rick reichmuth is keeping us update and brings us the latest. hi, rick. >> it's been so cold, certainly across the east. look at the wind chills. minus 16, at international falls. minus 4 in kansas city. the cold air funneling in all across the eastern two-third of the country really. here are the current temperatures. we'll moderate for a couple of days. when i say moderate, we get back to single digits but
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above zero for the next few days. across the northern plains. biff wednes by wednesday, the next big blast will move in and we'll freeze all over again across the eastern part of the country. here a is the satellite radar picture. this is cloud cover across florida, also cold. the big storm has been around the northeast for the last couple of days. it's not budging at all and continuing to bring wind and heavy snow. we have seen over two feet of snow in burlington, vermont. this storm is going to move out of here. the winds will pull across the great lakes for another day and we'll see lake effect snow. then we start to watch west coast, the southwest has been beautiful. record breaking high temperatures in southern california. but toward the pacific northwest, another system pulls in tonight, more rain and mountain snow. >> shannon: thank you for keeping us updated. >> you bet. >> shannon: in the face of threats from al-qaeda, u.s. and britain closed their embassy in yemen. a reporter from the sister
12:31 pm
station sky news joins with us details. good afternoon. >> the u.s. and british embassy are remaining closed because of the unspecified terror threat. coming out of yemen, intelligence report suggesting that a number of western targets will be attacked by a group calling itself al-qaeda of the arabian peninsula. aqap. the spanish embassy says it also received intelligence that it could be an attack victim. so it reduced the number of people moving through. yemen has been on the intelligence radar for some time, but the recent attacks the fort hood massacre and the attempted attack on chaste day on board the airliner -- on christmas day on board the airliner have links to yemen. it's important for the british authorities to now
12:32 pm
focus on this very poor country on the arabian peninsula, which is the an te -- an s zestoralo homeland of osama bin laden. we are talking about a tough country to penetrate. both governments are saying they will add lots more in terms of intelligence, arms, money and intelligence gathering. the yemeni authorities say they continue to hit the targets inside yemen. >> shannon: thank you very much. the aclu has come out against the body scanning at the airport and there questions about the procedure. we have attorney mike germin.
12:33 pm
thank you for coming in. you have unique perspective because you served as f.b.i. agent for many, many years. how do we balance privacy concerns with national security? >> well, actually, i think it's fairly easy. the first thing you have to ask is if you want to implement a new technology or new procedure, the first question should be is it actually effective in addressing the threat that exists today? that is our concern about the body scanners. we're not against them in every instance. there are certain applications where it may be appropriate where the facts suggest number one it would be effective and two it could be used in a way to focus on individuals. the government has a reason to believe are doing something wrong. in this case, what we're talking about is the use of plastic explosives. long before this event, experts were concerned that the limitation of this body scan device was it would not detect plastic explosiivplosioe particularly, if they're well hidden behind body parts, which appears to be the case here.
12:34 pm
there was an instance in saudi arabia they used body cavity to hide explosives. no doubt the body screener would not have detected that. before we jump in the new technology we're just asking to use reason and say, you know, before americans are willing to give up their own prysy, they should get the benefit. this is not the best technology available. >> shannon: to play devil's advocate, senator lieberman is saying if this guy would have been successful on christmas day, hundreds could have been killed and not to mention many orren the ground if it had gone down in detroit. if you look at security concern concer concern concerns with that, the privacy issue has to fall away. >> we never have to get to the privacy argument because this scanning machine may not have located the device if it was well hidden the way it appears it was. again, before we get to the privacy argument, we have to get past that security
12:35 pm
argument. and it's not weighing privacy or security. it's is there anything on the security side of the scale? and what we are learning in this case is that the government actually had an awful lot of information that could have directed their resources to this particular threat. for some reason there was a breakdown and that's what we have to examine, because what the aclu has long said is the other methodologies that do impact the privacy of americans like, you know, the wiretapping rules and the patriot act and other intrusive techniques that do impact innocent americans obviously were not helpful in preventing the current threat. so i think we need to take a thorough look at why the systems failed and what we have to do to implement security technology that will actually be effective to address the current threat. not yesterday's threat.
12:36 pm
>> shannon: thank you for coming in. >> thank you for having me. to clear up misunderstanding. >> shannon: absolutely. thank you. well, the woman who jumped over a barrier and knocked down pope benedict on christmas eve has been visited by the pontiff's personal aide. vatican spokesman says benedict asked the aide to visit the woman who is being treated to psychiatric problems to show his interest and his benevolence. she pulled the pope down in the christmas eve mass. he was not injured. a group of state attorneys general to cozed to the so-called cornhuskers kickback are taking the outrage to washington. we talk to tom corbett coming right up.
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>> shannon: half of the uninsured americans slated to get coverage under the senate healthcare bill would be put in ma medicaid where costs are shared among the state. that has some pushing back. chief washington
12:39 pm
correspondent jim angle has more. >> reporter: the democratic healthcare reform sounds an easy way to increase the number of insurance, force the states to cover many of them under medicaid, healthcare for the poor. >> some states say that they're facing crushing deficits couldn't imagine doing any expansion. >> states have to pay part of the cost of medicaid and many are already running huge deficits and by law they must balance the budgets. take california, for instance. governor arnold schwarzenegger faces $50 billion deficit and cut $30 billion out of everything from higher education to social programs to prisons, to state salaries. >> they're going to require us to cover about 2 million more people. that is going to cost us $3 to $4 billion annually, which we simply don't have. >> governor schwarzenegger supports universal healthcare but argued that the new federal mandates will make the situation worse, not better. he wrote to speaker nancy pelosi and other state lawmakers saying, "i'm telling you that our medicaid program is already at the breaking point and if federal healthcare reform is passed
12:40 pm
without addressing the underlying faults in the system, healthcare reform will fail." >> what he has said all along is we cannot do this if it's another unfunded mandate on the states. >> reporter: california senator dianne feinstein expressed similar concerns saying that the medicaid expansion might even, as she put it, take down the state. officials of both parties from other states had to same problem. and the same objections. >> the plan they're discussing in washington, d.c. will cost the state of texas between $3 and $6 billion more each year. >> every option is on the table. we are, we dealt significantly with medicaid issues. you are going to see a lot of adjustments to medicaid. >> this would put tremendous stress on our ability to manage the program. >> i want to expand healthcare. in my state, the medicaid, the rates have come up so much there are places in the state even if you're on medicaid, it doesn't matter much because no one will
12:41 pm
serve you. >> alabama asked their governor that the attorney general to investigate whether or not the federal government will require states to do this. i've also heard some states talk about getting out of medicaid altogether, because they simply can't afford it. >> ensuring millions by putting them in -- insuring millions by putting them xhad is a time bomb, one that may blow up in the faces of lawmakers and washington because some lawmakers back home think those in washington have lost their minds. in washington, jim angle, fox news. >> shannon: one who found themselves on the front line is bennett. they're targeting bennett senate seat in 2010 but democrats may take him down first. bennett voted for the healthcare reform bill and criticized his party for making what he calls, "back room deals" to ensure the the passage. >> this is about life and death and people's health. >> it's not a perfect piece of legislation.
12:42 pm
there isn't perfect legislation. but it's better than the status quo. >> the senate passed its version of the healthcare bill last week and outrage of the so-called cornhusker kickback to the state of nebraska, provision included for senator ben nelson that critical 60th vote is drawing criticism from some. among them 13 state attorneys general including tom corbett of pennsylvania who joins us now. thank you for coming in. >> thank you. >> shannon: what are the top legal concerns with the issue? >> we're looking at something that is not fair to the people of pennsylvania and the 49 other states outside of nebraska who are going to have to pay for nebraska's portion of the medicaid increase come 2014, 2015. we look at it a due process issue and look at it clearly in our mind it's unconstitutional. we have written a letter to the leadership of the house andp the senate advising them we view it as unconstitutional. and ask them to pull that provision. if they pull that provision, they won't be litigation.
12:43 pm
if they don't pull the provision, 13 of us and hopefully others will join in. we're prepared to take appropriate action in order to protect the citizens of our individual states. >> shannon: i imagine there is going to be great hesitation about pulling that money, because that's the 60th vote we're talking about. that was so critical to the passage. if they move forward with the legislation as it stands now and it makes it through conference like this, how would it work? would you file individual state lawmakers or join together? >> we haven't worked out the details on that yet. we're also looking to what venue, where we find that and it would probably be in washington, d.c. it suspect because we are used to doing multi-state litigation in many other ar areas in the roles as attorneys general we would probably file together as attorneys general near the district of columbia. again, it hasn't been worked out yet. >> shannon: all right. were your surprised at all when it came together knowing one or two states are getting what a lot of people term sweetheart deals knowing for the pennsylvanians and many
12:44 pm
others in the 49, 48 other states that didn't get the deal, they'll have to pay for it? >> not only was i surprised but i was outraged as to why one state got one deal and another state got another deal. it gets pushed on and why the senators from our state and others allow it to go forward have to pay for portion of another state's responsibilities. >> shannon: tom corbett, we will watch it. thank you for sharing your time with us today. >> thank you. >> shannon: turning to the market. 2009 was a great year for stocks but will the bulls keep running in the new year. senior business correspondent brenda buttner has the latest. >> hey, shannon. what a difference a year ba makes. remember 2008? it's likely one you want to forget. the broad market down 40%. who would have thought 2009 followed wall street's best performance in six years? the dow gained 19%. s&p better by 24%.
12:45 pm
the nasdaq has 44% gains. these don't reflect the really big rally. since the market low, the s&p gaining 60%. but now that was last year. what about the new one? can the bulls keep running? if you consider we're still well below the highs set in 2007, the dow is still 27% down from the record. many wall streeters would say slammi slamming is left for stocks but what happens in wall street depends on what happens this main street. that's still a big question mark. the same ability of the recovery remains uncertain. we'll get clues friday with the december jobless report. unemployment remains the biggest problem the economy faces. officially at 10% now. forecasts are for double digit unemployment at least through the middle of the year. we also get numbers next week on the housing market, which remains shaky. on the other hand if those numbers start to improve, there is another threat to the rally from the fed, which could raise interest rates.
12:46 pm
with record borrowing from the government and any sign that inflation will rise, watch out for higher rates. what about higher taxes? the healthcare reform has tax spikes, don't count on stocks to spike. no reason to think stocks for 2010 will have the rally as the last one. >> shannon: you bring us the news. thank you. despite threat from al-qaeda obama administration says it's going forward with the plan to close detention center at guantanamo bay. do the lawmakers think the president should reconsider his approach? we talk to a democrat and republican from capitol hill to find out exactly where they stand. stay with us. when you have a drug or alcohol problem, your whole world stops making sense.
12:47 pm
you can get help for yourself, or a loved one and make sense of life again. for information, treatment referral... and most importantly... help, tdd: 800-487-4889. brought to you by the u.s. department of health and human services.
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12:49 pm
>> shannon: here are some of the top stories we're following. u.s. and u.k. closed embassies in yemen because of ongoing threat by al-qaeda. according to the u.s. embassy website, the concern is possible attacks on american interest. president obama said saturday that the al-qaeda branch in yemen was behind the failed terror attack on christmas
12:50 pm
day. paul merhige, the florida fugitive facing four first degree murder charges were arrested in the florida keys after being on the run for weeks. police are crediting a tip from america's most wanted with helping them catch the suspect. merhige is accused of going on shooting spree to kill their twin sisters, one pregnant, and his 76-year-old aunt and 6-year-old cousin. friends of missing utah mom of two susan powell are launching a social media campaign to aid in the search for her. it starts tomorrow and will use twitter, facebook and youtube to share information. also photos of powell. police labelled her husband josh powell as person of interest. powell says he was camping with the couple's sons in freezing record when she disappeared. as many as 14 inches of snow today in the northeast and wind gusts are up to 35
12:51 pm
miles per hour in maine, and new hampshire and vermont. those are top stories right now. the president's top counterterrorism advisor says the u.s. intelligence agencies didn't miss any smoking gun that would have prevented the christmas day attempt to blow up the flight 253. appearing on "fox news sunday," john brennan said there were errors in sharing information but told chris wallace there was no single piece of evidence that would have exposed the plot. >> there was no smoking gun. there was no piece of intelligence that this guy is a terrorist and going to get on a plane. none whatsoever. it was the failure to integrate and piece together the bits and pieces of information. it's different than prior to 9/11. before then, i think there was a culture of keeping the information to individual agency and department. in the review so far, there is no indication whatsoever that aniation or department was not -- any indication that agency or department was not trying to share information. >> shannon: he did not say if anyone is in line to be fired because of the oversight. well, separate roadside
12:52 pm
bombing in the pakistan volatile northwest killed six people this morning. in the first attack, a car carrying anti-taliban elders was struck killing two people. hours later, a bomb killed a former irrigation minister and three others. the blast was the latest in the string of attack against those working despite the growing taliban-led insurgency in pakistan. friday, nearly 100 people were killed when a homicide car bomber struck a volleyball game. as the u.s. ramps up efforts in afghanistan, we're on track to end the combat operations in iraq this august. given the resent surge in violence in the last few months? is it a good idea? dominique dean has more on that with the future of iraq. good to see you. >> good to see you, shannon. yes, this will be a consequencial year for iraq. perhaps the most consequencial year since the invasion some seven years ago. as you say, a massive drawdown of troops and 65,000 combat soldiers. out, as soon as some of them
12:53 pm
may this year and all of them hopefully by the end of august. on top of this, we have the pivotal election in iraq to set the country on a new course. the u.s. has been saying that the withdrawal will not be affected by the elections, but unfortunately they're intrinsically twined together, because the u.s. forces may need to stay depending on the level of violence that we are believed to get. although, we'll witness following the vote come march 7. you see iraqis still drawn along the sectarian lines. voters will respond in the typical partisan ways we've seen in the months where hundreds of people have been killed by car bombs by those seeking to destabilize the country. president obama is determined to stick to the deadline that he has drawn at the end of august for the combat troops out. however, those who seek to destabilize iraq are equally as resolute. 2010, shannon, is very much going to be a wait-and-see year for iraqis politics and for that withdrawal of the
12:54 pm
u.s. combat troops from iraq after all these years. back to you. >> shannon: dominic di-natale with the latest from baghdad. thank you. president obama is on vacation and waited a few days before making a statement on the attempted christmas day terror attacks. did he wait too long? were the right people doing the talking? we go behind the scenes and how an administration responds to terror with a former white house insider when we come back. in the meantime, this is the newsroom where everyone is always hard at work gathering the latest information so we can share it with you, including these two young ladies hard at work. happy going. want to say hi, mom? anybody? >> hi, mom. >> they're too hard at work.
12:55 pm
12:56 pm
>> shannon: learned a lot of what they know about life by serving their country but a growing number of veterans are fining out that serving as a teacher can be even more rewarding. >> this is something that is smooth and round. i would say teaching is just as
12:57 pm
challenging. >> special education teacher dave olson is on his second career. >> i spent 20 years in the navy. >> after retiring olson became a teacher with the help of the federal troops to teachers program. >> seeing the kids make progress, you know, to see them, the growth that they have is just incredible. good job. >> senators michael bennett, former superintendent of denver public schools and navy veteran john mccain are cosponsors of a bill to expand the program. >> we have more veterans coming back and this is an opportunity to put them to work educating our kids. a real win-win for everybody. >> the bill would increase funding from 30 o million dollars to $50 million over a five year period and retuesday number of years of service to be eligible from six to four.
12:58 pm
>> roosevelt dickerson worried his 30 years in the military would make teaching tougher. >> being in the military when i spoke they moved. they did what i told them what i told them. >> and when it was suggested he work in special education. >> you're crazy. definitely not going to listen to me. >> his background turned out to be an asset. >> like i feel more comfortable with him. >> he knows how we feel. he has been back. >> we in the military reflect the face of the nation. >> the diversity that exists in the military is just one asset veterans bring to the classroom. >> but speak geography, we can say we walked this ground, i have been in these countries. >> i wanted to do something where i could make a difference for some kids. >> if the expansion bill passes even more veterans will have the opportunity to continue serving their country through educating its children.
12:59 pm
>> shannon: lots of movement in the war on terror. active threats from al-qaeda have led the u.s. and britain to shut down embassies in yemen. the move comes one day after president obama blamed al-qaeda's branch in yemen for the christmas day attack on the u.s. jet liner. the administration still plans to close gitmo even though yemeni detainees are being held there. i'm shannon bream. hour two of america's news headquarters live from washington starts right now. the latest on the christmas day terror plot in just a moment. first, after weeks on the run, a man accused of shooting and killing four family members during thanksgiving dinner is under arrest. authorities found him in a motel in the florida keys. phil keating with the latest from miami. hi, phil. >> hi, shannon. the father of one of the victims, a six-year-old girl describes paul as a deranged monster and says he would have
1:00 pm
preferred that he got shot and killed by police but that is not what happened last night when they stormed his motel room down in the florida keys, smashed in the window and tased him and took him out to palm beach county without any further incident. paul marriage is accused of planning out and methodically shooting and killing four family members on the evening of thanksgiving right after dinner as the family members were saying goodbyes to each other before heading to their respective homes. ever since that night he was the subject of a massive national manhunt. turns out he was 75 miles south of miami for most of the time. halfway between key largo and key west. u.s. marshalls and monroe county sheriff's deputies smashed through the window of room 14 at edgewater lodge motel on long key not long after they saw a story profiling the case and it was broadcast on america's most
1:01 pm
wanted. the hotel owners recognized him and said on a scale of 1-10 and said their certainty this was him was a ten. he checked in under the name john bocca and rarely came out of his room. his toyota camry was parked outside concealed under a tarp. right now he is being held without bond. family members say as more than a dozen relatives were saying their goodbyes at home, that is when they say paul marriage walked out the front door to -- >> the victims, the suspect's twin sisters, his aunt and his six-year-old cousin. her father says as at the thanksgiving dinner table merighe was mostly quiet. >> there were no tears and not really jubilation either. it was really the monster is in
1:02 pm
aquanil. >> now, merighe is facing four counts of murder and two counts of attempted murder. according to the victim's father he was not talkative at the dinner. their theory on motive is that he has mental instability and was on prescription drugs and had a long simmering feud in particular with one of his twin sisters. the two sisters are twins, not his twins but there was a couple of domestic violence cases reported between him and one of his sisters two times back in the '90s. investigators were relieved and they are giving a lot of credit to america's most wanted for leading to the arrest. >> shannon: thank you very much for updating us. now, back to the botched terror attack on christmas day. the u.s. is taking the growing al-qaeda threat in yemen
1:03 pm
seriously. the u.s. and britain closed their embassies in yemen, citing al-qaeda threats to attack. what can you tell us? >> road blocks are set up outside the u.s. embassy. workers told to stay home. the british also closing their embassy because of security concerns. white house counter terrorism advisor john brennan says there are indications the u.s. embassy could be a target and he is not going to take chances with di diplomat's lives. he said the attack on christmas day was a failure to connect the dots. it was the failure to integrate and piece together the bits and pieces of information. >> many republican lawmakers have criticized the white house for deciding to handle the suspect's case in criminal court rather than through a military commission.
1:04 pm
>> this is not a case for a series of criminal trials. we tried that in the '90s after the first attack on the world trade center, embassy bombings, cole attack. this is war and it is time that we reacted to the war attacks that are coming at us. >> some republicans have criticized homeland security secretary janet napolitano for saying the system worked after the christmas day attack. senator bond says that raised eyebrows but it is not grounds to remove her. back to you. >> shannon: thank you. the obama administration is coming under fire with regards to its response to the ait tempted terror attack. some say the president waited too long to speak about the attack while his supporters point out the previous president waited longer in a similar situation. a special assistant to former president bush and ambassador to the european union. thanks for joining us today.
1:05 pm
folks point to richard reid the shoe bomber back in 2001. president bush was on vacation at the time and waited six days. are the situations comparable. >> i don't think so. you know, president bush it didn't have to convince any american that he was taking terrorism and the war on terror seriously. that was well known at the time. he made it really a hallmark of his presidency. i think it was important for this white house to get out early with a reassuring message with information for the american people. i think one of the real challenges when you are in the white house is that you don't want to get out with any premature conclusions, you don't want to draw assumptions that are going to turn out to be untrue in the days ahead and i think you saw the hazards of that in the early white house statement that this was an act of an isolated extremist which now we know to be untrue. one of the questions a lot of people are asking is did that false assumption, did that bad judgment lead by the decision by the white house to treat mutallab as a criminal suspect
1:06 pm
rather than as an enemy combatant. if we had known he was acting as part of the broader plot would we have interrogated him and known more about the hundreds of al-qaeda members still plotting against us in yemen and known more about the nature of future threats againsts. >> and they are taking criticism from certain people on that as well. you talk about communicating with the public early. we saw secretary janet napolitano out and kind of having a mixed message the first couple of days that she was out responding. how tough is it to manage the message about something like this? >> it is difficult and the messenger matters a lot. even though the president has to set a tone of seriousness and resolve you need someone other than the president giving the daily briefings and providing the daily play by play and options are the homeland security, the fbi director, maybe the tsa. she compromised herself as the messenger with the early
1:07 pm
misstatement. director muller has been quiet and hasn't been out front. there is no confirmed tsa head so the obama administration is dealing with real handicap in terms of communicating their message. >> shannon: some of the critics have been gop top faces and names that people recognize and the other side is coming out to say you are using national security for political gain. how do they respond to that? is it true in any way? >> i think it is unproductive to engage in a sort of blame game or which career official didn't pass on which information. you certainly want to get to the bottom of those things to prevent it from happening again. human error is inevan inevitab. what is fair are the kind of things that are going to guide our treatment of these issues going forward. the white house made a decision to treat this person as a criminal suspect.
1:08 pm
we ought to have a national discussion whether that is the way we want to approach these issues. >> shannon: thanks for the insight. we appreciate your time. the christmas day attack could greatly complicate the obama administration efforts to close guantanamo bay. many detainees are from yemen. where will they go? should the president rethink his plan. caroline shively has the latest from washington. hi, caroline. >> hi to you, shannon. the administration will absolutely consider sending yemeni detainees from guantanamo bay back to yes penn state respected. in fact, the obama administration released six more yemenis from gitmo last week. two let out in 2006 and 2007 say their branch of al-qaeda based in yemen is behind the
1:09 pm
christmas day bombing attempts. >> i'm very distished by that. everybody -- disturbed by that. everybody ought to admit that the bush administration made a big mistake in transferring the detainees, these terrorists back to other countries. guantanamo facility must be closed. it served as a propaganda tool for al-qaeda. we are determined to close it. we are not going to do anything that is going to put american security at risk. >> and the white house is set on that point. gitmo should close and some prisoners should be sent home and the top administration plan has some of the remaining prisoners going to a federal facility in northern illinois. as you can see this week, congress is still split on the issue. >> you could not find a better more humane facility when it comes to a detention center in the world. seems like a waste to me to take these people to illinois. >> i support the administration's actions to open a new prison in illinois. i hope that happens. i hope congress will fund it. we do a good job of keeping
1:10 pm
prisoners, many convicted terrorists including the shoe bomber richard reid behind bars in the supermax prison in colorado. >> there are about 90 yemenis still held in guantanamo. >> thank you for the latest. a lawsuit filed by victims of the 2007 blackwater shooting in baghdad will get support from the iraqi government. it will facilitate a lawsuit by its citizens to sue the blackwater guards. the iraqi government plans to ask the u.s. jus moments of clarence it tess department to review the case. a judge has already thrown out the case over the shootings. this morning a roadside bomb struck a car carrying an administrator. hours earlier local officials say another roadside bomb killed two antitaliban tribal elders and injured four others.
1:11 pm
the blast the latest in a string of attack against those trying to fight the growing insurgency in afghanistan. mexican police say they captured an alleged drug lord, carlos beltran lava was arrest today weeks after his more powerful brother was killed in a shootout with mexican marines. he is described as a key member of the gang. a third brother, alfredo beltran lava was arrested in january of 2008. a family holiday in mexico turned deadly for a southern, california man. he was out to dinner with his wife in her hometown when gunmen stormed into the restaurant. they kidnapped saulcedo and five other men. all six were later found dead. his wife was not injured. he was an assistant principal and school board member in california.
1:12 pm
his brother says they got the news of his death during a family celebration. >> my parent's 43rd anniversary and that is when i received the call from my sister-in-law. i feel bad for my dad. >> that is what makes this so extraordinarily tragic because he was just such a special part of our our community. >> the family members say they think he was the victim of a random attack. t is dangerousy cold in new england and parts of the midwest. chief meteorologist rick reichmuth is following it all at the fox weather center. he has the latest forecast. how does it look, rick? >> biscuits and gravy, shannon. take a look at the temperatures. cold out there. minus 37 yesterday in international falls, minnesota. minus 31 sibling, iowa. nebraska, minus 16. those were the record lows across the area.
1:13 pm
today warmer and better for your temperature. up to 4 right now in minneapolis. the temps still below our averages but better than yesterday. it will stay this way for much of this coming week. today take a look at this. a lot of areas, minus 20 or 20 degrees below where you typically should be. across the plains and the central appalachians and florida around 20 degrees below the average as well. the temps will stay this way for much of this week. overnight lows freezing in florida. with all the cold air out there there is not a lot of moisture either. a little bit of snow across parts of missouri and arkansas today. one other spot where we have snow is across the northeast. this is the system winding up. going to pull away today but behind it wind moving across the great lakes which are still not frozen so we will see some of that lake effect snow today and tomorrow. the cold air looks like it will be with us for awhile. >> i like that you it with conviction, biscuits and gravy.
1:14 pm
dagnabbit. >> that was the family acceptable word that we said. >> we have given folks words to work with today. thanks for the update. >> you bet. we are hearing from one of the players at the center of an investigation involving guns in an nba locker room. gilbert arenas called the decision to store guns in the locker room "bad judgment." arenas in an ongoing investigation with the u.s. attorney's office and d.c. police after reports there was an alter kateion between the two where guns were drawn. arenas' remarks come after the family of the owner said it was an extremely poor judgment. the guns, taken into the verizon center where the wizards play. government officials say after reviewing security camera footage it is evident that 23-year-old jumped overboard from the 11th deck. the ship returned to florida
1:15 pm
yesterday after a five day cruise through the bahamas. friends and family of susan powell are launching an online campaign to try to help find her. they are using social networking sites using twitter, facebook and you tube to try to get out information and photos of powell who has been missing since december 7th. her husband has been labeled as a person of interest. despite freezing temperatures he says he was cu out camping h his two young sons around the same time his wife went missing. a popular preacher trying to save his search. we will have a wrapup of all the ups and downs of 2009 in politics so stay with us. hey, who's this?
1:16 pm
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1:18 pm
>> shannon: here are some of the top stories we are following right now. the man suspected of trying to bomb northwest flight 253 was known to british intelligence as having links to uk islamic extremists. but he was not considered high risk enough to alert u.s. authorities. there were no signs that abdulmutallab wanted to target the u.s.
1:19 pm
iran is giving the u.s. an ultimatum. it has set a one month deadline for the u.s. to accept its counter proposal. it warned if it is not accepted tehran will produce reactor fuel at a higher level of enrichment on its own. the west fears it is an attempt to mask attempts to produce nuclear weapons. two brothers reportedly head up the beltran leyva car tell. they are two of the highest ranking drug suspects taken down since the mexican president sent tens of thousands of troops and police across the country to fight back against the brutal drug gangs. those are your top stories right now. a spokesman for hamid karzai says the leader is surprised by the rejection of most of his cabinet choices. he will submit new choices for the cabinet but is not clear when that will happen.
1:20 pm
the rejection will delay efforts to establish a functioning government. president obama ordered 30,000 additional troops into afghanistan this year. will that provide the stability the country needs or trigger an increase in violence? conor powell in kabul with the latest from afghanistan. good to see you, corner. well, shannon, talking to analysts first on the military and on the civilian side there seems to be a broad consensus that the violence will continue to get worse in 2010. that there will be more bloodshed and simply more deaths but 2009 was a record year and there is this fear that this will be a much worse year. general mcchris tollway said before things get better here on the found in afghanistan things will get worse but phrased that as part of the process of improving and stablizing afghanistan. there are more american and international troops and more afghan troops on the way and
1:21 pm
because there are so many more troops that will be deployed to combat the taliban there will be more violence. he doesn't see this as necessarily a bad thing, it is part of the process of trying to stablize afghanistan and there are many, many more american troops, 30,000 more troops on their way. they are beginning to arrive right now in afghanistan literally as we speak. and the taliban it is estimated controls about 60 to 70% of afghanistan right now and these troops will be out fanning out across afghanistan trying to take back some of the gains that the taliban made during the summer. there is also a massive push here in afghanistan to try to improve the capabilities of the government led by hamid karzai. it is considered one of the most corrupt governments in the world. is the second part of the strategy is to build up the security forces and capabilities of the government but in some ways this is the most difficult part of the strategy because it is the part that the u.s. military and international community has the
1:22 pm
least amount of control over. >> conor powell, live from afghanistan. we thank you. rick warren abouts plea for donations paid off big time. in an effort to fill in a $900,000 deficit at his southern, california mega church saddleback ranch he made an online appeal for donations. the call brought in donations totaling $2.4 million. warren is expressing his thanks and says the money came from thousands of ordinary people and not "one big fat cat." bringing in the decade with a look back at 2009 and a major event in the nation's capital that made political history and will shape our future. craig boswell has more. >> so help you god. >> so help me god. >> congratulations, mr. president. >> after taking his oath before the largest inaugural crowd ever, president obama wasteness time reversing bush administration policies. signing 16 executive orders from closing gitmo to loosening restrictions on abortion
1:23 pm
funding. >> a failing economy dominates the beginning of his term. despite gop objections the president signs a $787 billion stimulus bill. after two of the big three automakers file for bankruptcy the cash for clunkers program injects money back into the u.s. auto industry. and three months in supreme court justice david suitor retires. >> i'm decided to nominate judge sonia sotomayor. >> but they jump on her for previous comments suggesting a wise latino woman can make better judgment than a male. >> my rhetorical device failed because it left an impression that i believe something that i don't. >> in the end, senators confirmed the new york native, making her the first hispanic on the high court. healthcare brings heated debate sparking a summer phenomenon of
1:24 pm
town halls. president obama tries to reclaim the issue before a joint session of congress, refuting criticism including the idea of death panels. >> if you misrepresent what is in this plan we will call you out. >> but republican joe wilson does some calling out of his own. >> you lie! >> that firestorm ultimately calm. >> the bill is pass. >> the house votes on and approves healthcare. >> the yays are 60 and the nays are 39. hr 3590 as amended the patient protection and affordable care act is pass. >> the senate goes down to the wire and passes the bill, living the president a major legislative victory going into 2010. >> with passage of bills in the house and senate we are now finally poised to deliver on the promise of real meaningful health insurance reform that will bring additional security and stability to the american people. >> with a new president comes a new top commander in
1:25 pm
afghanistan. during the summer, called for 40,000 more troops, sparking criticism by the president who took months to review the strategy. >> the white house must stop dithering while america's armed forces are in danger. >> mr. obama announces 30,000 more troops will be sent. >> this danger will only grow if the region slides backwards. >> the president logs thousands of international miles during his first year. getting a warm welcome everywhere and an unexpected nobel peace prize. part of the goal, rebuilding his image. though some call his speeches apologys. >> there have been times where america has shown arrogance and been dismissive. >> i urge you to choose chicago. >> after a strong presidential push, the international olympic committee rejects chicago for the 2016 games in the first round of voting. >> the cambridge police acted stupidly.
1:26 pm
>> the president hosts a beer summit resulting from controversy over the arrest of a black harvard professor and the gop attributes wins in virginia and new jersey to the president's slumming approval rating. democrats did pick up a senate seat after arlen specter switched his party and washington says goodbye to the lion of the senate as ted kennedy is laid to rest in arlington cemetery. the landscape of washington could shift in the coming year with november's mid term election. democrats hope to ride on the coat tails of the president but much of his agenda still unfulfilled, 2010 promises to be a year of political drama. in washington, craig boswell, fox news. >> shannon: critics argue that closing guantanamo bay will further increase the risk of terrorism to americans. we are going to talk to two congressmen to debate that. and an elephant on the loose?
1:27 pm
stay tuned to see what happens. o
1:28 pm
1:29 pm
>> shannon: a man accused of murdering four of his own family members, the search is finally over. caroline shively with more on that top story and all of the other headlines. >> authorities captured paul merighe last night at a motel in the florida key is. he checked in under a fake name. his cover was blown when the owners saw him on america's most wanted and tipped off police. merighe is being held without bail on four counts of murder. terrifying moments for passengers aboard a german passenger plane. it veered off the runway as it was bound for the canary islands. no one was injured. the pilot decided to abort the
1:30 pm
takeoff. panic at a temple in india as the religion ceremony was interrupted by an elephant on the loose. the elephant ran amuck, causing mayhem among a large gathering of pilgrims. two people received injuries after the elephant was apparently startled with noise. she was under control before she caused too much damage. >> amazing video. thank you, caroline. >> you get. >> shannon: the president's top terrorism advisor says u.s. i will ten against agencies -- intelligence agencies didn't miss any smoking gun. john brennan said there were errors but there was no piece that would have exposed the plot. >> there was no smoking gun that sai said this guy is a
1:31 pm
terrorist. it is much different than prior to 9/11. before then then there was a culture of keeping information to the individual agencies and departments. in the review so far there is no indication that any agency or department did not share information. >> shannon: the president is leading a white house review of the incident and did not say where any one is in line to be fired because of the oversight. senior officials say the failed christmas day terror plot will not derail plans to close the guantanamo prison but could waiting help the fight against al-qaeda. joining us, a member of the house select intelligence committee and dan lundgren, a member of the house homeland security committee. congressman smith, let me start with you. in the days after the flight 253 unfolded you said we didn't act sufficiently with the information that we have. as we are learning more do you
1:32 pm
still think that is the case and how could we improve? >> the information that was available about this person should have given rise to him at least getting more screening when went to the airport. in all likelihood, he probably belonged on the no fly list as a result of the warning that his father had given to the embassy and the information about his travel to yemen. this was a guy we knew about, a guy that we still let get on the plane without any additional screening. now, those are the dots that i think need to be connected. >> more knick information conns him to yemen. a group there claims responsibility for helping him plan the attack including one person that was a detainee at guantanamo bay before getting back on the battlelefield essentially. how do you think this impacts the debate about closing the detention center at gitmo. >> i hope it would give us the sense of urgency we need in the
1:33 pm
response to terror. closing guantanamo bay is not a good eye tee. we are not in trouble because we have guantanamo but would be in more trouble if we release people from guantanamo or bring them to the united states or put them into the civil justice system. the military tribunal system worked well from the beginning of this republic up to the present time. it makes no sense to be doing what we are doing. we ought to learn from these events and any events since 9/11. we act to our detriment with the new facts. we out to respond to them and one of the things we ought to do is say we have made a mistake in closing guantanamo and we ought to keep t open. it in fact serves our purposes very, very well, uniquely so. >> we hearing from the obama administration and a number of top officials they intend to go forward with their plans involving g ti gitmo.
1:34 pm
do you support that move? >> we are merging two issues. the biggest issue that the bush administration and the obama administration had to wrestle with is who do you release or let out. whether holding them in guantanamo or in the u.s. or in the bush administration in prisons in some other parts of the world. who do you keep and who do you release? a lot of the people that they released from guantanamo, they simply released these people from that prison and returned to the battle field. theyed admit that they had a hard time sorting through who to keep and who not to keep. whether or not we hold them in guantanamo or hold them in the u.s. as we now hold some. the big challenge is who do you hold? in the past both the bush administration and obama administration released people that should not have been released. i mean that process definitely needs to be reviewed.
1:35 pm
when we held them all at guantanamo, one of the problems was there was no military tribunals and no trial of any kind for most there. the time marched on and there was pressure, do we release them or do we not. understanding who we hold and when that makes a great deal of sense. holding them in maximum security prisons in the u.s. as easily as you can do it holding them in guantanamo. >> that is not true. that is not true. the fact of the matter is when you bring them to the united states on u.s. territory it changes the impact of the constitution and the rights that they have. it. >> it doesn't. there is a supreme court decision. >> it also gave the federal judges more play than they would have otherwise. the decision is will you decide whether people are released that is the executive branch or under the justice system, that is federal judges. >> there is a critical point here -- >> and i think it out to be
1:36 pm
under the executive branch. >> it is not true. that is what the bush administration believed. that is why they set up guantanamo because they thought they could get outside of the judicial access but the decision reversed that and said no, guantanamo is in effect u.s. soil. it would not have that advantage, does not have that advantage the bush administration thought they would have. they are just as subject to judicial review in guantanamo as they are in the u.s. because that is what the supreme court ruled so that advantage is out the window. >> shannon: a final sentence from you. >> the supreme court has not fully reviewed that and decided on that. historically we handled it differently. we would be far, far safer if we handled it in the historic fashion instead of this nonsense as if 9/11 did not occur. it did occur. >> that is not saying 9/11 didn't occur. we had trouble holding these people no matter the rule. >> shannon: we thank you both
1:37 pm
for a spirited debate. it is not an easily solved issue by any means. thank you, happy new year. >> thank you. >> thanks very much. >> shannon: president obama and the first family wrapping up their holiday vacation in hawaii. they will be heading back to d.c. today and so will steve centanni. we have missed him. he is live in honolulu. good to see you, steve. >> for anybody coming here, hawaii is a welcome relief from a cold winter. we checked the weather forecast and it is going to be 81 every day for the next week, the exact same temperature. for president obama, it is more than just a vacation. it is also a home coming. while much of the country faces freezing temperatures, president obama and his family enjoy the tropical sunshine at their beachfront home in oahu. it will be the fourth time obama visited the islands in the last 18 months highlighting the president's affinity for
1:38 pm
his birthplace and landmarks that trace his history here on the island have become tourist hot spots and a source of pride for many many natives. he was born august 4th, 1961 just blocks from his grandmother's apartments. here a young obama moved in with his grand parents in 1971. residents paid tribute to the president with pictures showing obama and his family when they lived here. he went to school here, referred to by obama himself as an incubator for the island's elite. but barack obama has come a long way since his early days in honolulu and his first presidential visit now requires the highest security measures. usually the residents use this canal to access the ocean in their kayaks and pleasure boats. now, the only boats you see around here belong to the secret service. additional road blocks and closures less some residents less than excite. >> the canal, if you are a
1:39 pm
paddler or you go out on the boats it is a pain. >> i think it would hav been more considerat of the president and his family to stay on the military base like the other presidents have so he doesn't have to disrupt everyone else's life. >> most residents were happy to see the president coming home to enjoy the holidays and they wished him well. every time obama is on oahu he comes here to the island's snow shave ice shop where he stopped off with daughters and friends, ordering 19 shaved ice in various flavors including the snobama. >> i didn't even know that was a concept. >> and, of course, the president's working vacation coming to an end after 12 days here on oahu. he heads home on the all night flight back to a very chilly, washington. shannon, back to you. >> shannon: we look forward to seeing you, steve, and the president as well. thank you.
1:40 pm
tomorrow, the world's tallest skyscraper set to open in dubai. the tower has 57 elevators. more than a thousand apartments. 49 floors of office space and a hotel. we don't know exactly how tall building is because the firm who is behind it is keeping it a secret until the official opening. the massive building can be seen from 59 miles away. bi how are struggling schools to raise the money that they need for things like yearbooks, uniforms and school programs. laura ingle is live in new york and i imagine some people not too happy about this. >> bake sales were always a sure fire way to rake in extra cash for the extra curricular school akron ittivities. but the bake sale restriction left them all hungry for cash. the numbers overweight kids
1:41 pm
helped form a few policy that includes strict nutritional standards for food sold at school and made it also that only parent and teacher associations can hold bake sales and only once a month after the last school session. >> in all honesty i don't see how it is going to mik make my child fat and if i have an issue and i know there is a bake sale i'm not giving him the dollar. >> the average beak sale can bring in $300 in one day. >> when the rules changed students rallied and started petitions going on social networking sites to get the word out to get school officials to tweak the policy so they could continue to turn the profit. those at the department of
1:42 pm
education say it is not about reducing the amount of money, it is about not contributing to an ongoing recognized health problem in our nation's schools. >> we are raising the first generations of americans that may live sicker and die younger than their parents. if we are going to avoid that, and make not come true we have to take lots of comprehensive steps. >> when we talked with the department of education they told us they are looking to see if there can be some sort of compromise with the rule and hope to lead the way for other cities across the country to help combat obesity and keep fits kid but it might be hard to sell bags of carrot sticks as opposed to cookies, shannon. >> i think the carrots will bring in a lot less cash than the brownies. >> thank you. >> shannon: the attempted attack on northwest 253 is turning the attention on airline security.
1:43 pm
many are wondering what is means for the airline industry's already shaky bottom line. can they handle a drop in commerce or added expenses?
1:44 pm
1:45 pm
>> shannon: british prime minister gordon brown paveed the way for four body scanners to be installed at brittish airports. while travelers and the tsa debate how to best protect our safety, how will the airline industry as a business impacted by the thwarted attempt. can the airlines handle it if people decide to travel less. brenda bu it ttner is live with the late jeff the latest terror attack doesn't come at a worst time. soaring oil prices, tough times
1:46 pm
in the economy and consumers cutting back on travel. in the last two years, air traffic plunged 20% here in the u.s. and overseas. all that added up to a loss of $3 billion for the industry in 2009 and job cuts of nearly 30,000. the cost of more safety could mean longer security lines and procedures that make business travelers less willing to fly for short trips and today half of all flights in the u.s. are now under three hours. keep in mind, though, the industry wasn't grounded with much more serious terror attacks after 9/11. predictions were dire for all airlines but they recovered as did the economy. and passengers adjusted to the heightened security both after the shoe bomber was caught, same was true once the suspected plot to bomb airplanes going from the u.s. to london was prevented. then remember the sars fear. no long-term impact on air
1:47 pm
travel. the failed christmas day attack did take a toll on airline stocks. american down 5%. delta and continental off 3% yet this is after all of them soared from triple digits in the past six months. next week will really tell us what the terror attacks and threats mean. the holiday season with businesses closed and consumers already long booked into flights is not a good gage for travel. watch for any impact on business flying. they pay more and travel more than leisure customers. the only real way to get people flying again, especially in the face of stricter security, fare discounts. that is not an option now as most airlines have been weighed down with plenty of red ink. shannon? >> shannon: we vote for that. always a nice sur vice when that happens -- always a nice surprise when that happens. thank you so much. after three landing mishaps in one month, american airlines is getting a closer look from the federal aviation administration. on two different occasions, jet
1:48 pm
liners wings actually touched and during a landing in jamaica, one plane overshot the runway. faa officials will conduct a review to see if it more attention is needed. a spokesman for the american company says the company is cooperating and also doing its own investigation. still to come, the woman scene knocking down pope benedict at christmas mass was paid a holy visit. the message the pope is sending her way, straight ahead.
1:49 pm
1:50 pm
1:51 pm
>> shannon: making some of his most extensive comments to date on the financial crisis. bernanke said that stronger regulations should be the first line of defense against excessive speculation that could send the economy into a new crisis but didn't rule out higher interest rates to stop new speculative bubbles from forming. if you have kids you probably know how expensive child care is becoming and parents are heading to the internet to try to save a few bucks. casey stegall is live with more but much to the disappointment of the viewers i don't think casey is offering the babysitting himself. >> we were talking before we came on, shannon, i would because i like children but i don't think parents want me to
1:52 pm
come into their homes and watch their kids. in the good 'ole days people bought goods and services through bartering and no money exchanged hands. does that sound jut dated to you? believe it or not the same concept is being used by some parents in this country to pay, for all things, babysitting services. it is called a co-op where you can earn points for sitting for others in the group and later on down the line exchange the points for their own night out on the town. >> it is good for the kids to sort of have a system whereby they are introduced to other families, other homes, other cultures, other neighborhoods, things that they wouldn't necessarily get. >> karrie fitzgerald even developed a website to instruct other parents how to set up a
1:53 pm
co-op. and all of the sitters are closely vetted to make sure that no criminals slip through. >> i didn't think i would feel so safe about it and i really do. i feel like it is like my kids are going to their friend's houses and it is my friends and i know that they are going to protect my kids. >> it's great. to go to the movies and not have to write that check for $100 for the baby sitter, particularly if the movie it is no good. it is like we just spend $120 to sigh that. >> the movie is not cheap these days. if you don't have little ones running around, house sitting and pet sitting and even transportation being offered on a co-op base islamist basis ine communitys. >> a look at your top entertainment headlines, when we come back.
1:54 pm
1:55 pm
1:56 pm
>> shannon: 2009 packed a punch with amazing stories and unbelievable drama. here is jill dobson. >> i believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman. >> sherri gets dethroned but is still standing using fame game during the miss california contest to launch a newbook. >> david letterman. >> i have had sec with women who work for me on the joe. >> robert joe halderman is charged with extortion and maintains his innocence. >> idol standout jennifer hudson has a baby boy and madonna wins the battle with malawi officials, adopting little murphy. >> chris allen! allen chris allen may have won the idol crown but adam lambert captured the
1:57 pm
world's attention. coming out on the cover of roll stone. >> i am going to be the new judge on "american idol." >> paula abdul announcing she is taking -- ellen degeneres announcing she is taking paula abdul's seat at "american idol." >> news of michael jackson's death. >> the travolta's lose their 16-year-old son jett after he has a seizure. tearful fare wells to fair raw fawcett.rah chris brown convicted of beating girlfriend and fellow chart topper rihanna.
1:58 pm
and john and kate goselin divorce. >> supermodel ja zell and new england patriot quarterback tom brady made official and kevin jonas popped the question to girlfriend danielle. worldsolomon stunned the birth by giving birth to octuplets. kanye. hops on stage at the mtv video music awards. leaving a sassy beyonce to step in for damage control. >> i love this show. this show has been my life. and i love it enough to know when it is time to say goodbye. >> and the queen of media, oprah winfrey announcing she is ending her rein in 2011 after 25 sensational years on the air leaving everyone wondering who
1:59 pm
could possibly fill her shoes. twilight fans worship a new moon. the sequel breaking box office history, raking in just over $72 million opening day. what would the year be without a little party crashing. sasha baron cohen makes the mtv movie awards memorable when his alter ego lands in eminem's face. looking ahead, 2010 will be quite a year for movie goers with harry potter and the deathly who wil hollows part od sex and the city 2 all hitting the big screen. >> we would love to introduce outages to the newest member. our show producer craig and his wife welcomed a new baby on tuesday. mom maya and craig are all happy and healthy. a big congratulations we can't

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